Follow Up to Yeonmi Park’s Story: An Explanation for Her Treatment at Columbia, and an Alternative Immigrant’s Tale

In the Megyn Kelly podcast shared by Suzanne, Yeonmi Park talks about the shocking blowback she received at Columbia for not using “proper” pronouns. I mentioned that this jarred with the experiences I’ve heard about from my best friend, who also attended law school there. She felt like it was very difficult to be her full, wacky self at Columbia without being snickered at, and she felt the school itself lacked passion for social causes.

Listening to this man speak here (, I think I know why: she experienced this blowback from her fellow students, but not from the school itself, or the professors. He also acknowledges that conservative students can be very isolated on campuses themselves, if not within classrooms.

I also want to share an alternative immigration story. It’s from a Somalian who had looked up to America before living here. He wrote a book recently(, and he also had a 30-minute interview that may be more accessible (

If our opinions are going to be formed by anecdotes, we need to look at several them, not just those that fit pre-conceived agendas (like Megyn Kelly’s, who clearly has an axe to grind, though for understandable reasons).

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